BARDSONGS wins at Filmfestival Washington DC
Dutch feature film BARDSONGS, directed by Sander Francken and produced by SFFilm, has won the Signis Award at the Washington, DC International Film Festival (April 7 – 17).

Each year SIGNIS (World Catholic Association for Communication) organizes SIGNIS, Ecumenical or Interfaith Juries in more than 30 Festivals across the world. The SIGNIS Award is presented to the film judged by its jury to represent the best of filmmaking that illuminates and celebrates what it means to be human in a diverse and challenging world. The jury at Filmfest DC says about BARDSONGS: “This charming and original film offers three folk tales set in Mali and two distinctly different regions of India, variations of which can be found in many religions and cultures. Beautifully introduced by the singing of bards, the stories are then told with effective and humorous dramatizations. The film is masterfully photographed, making outstanding use of color in both village and countryside. This is story telling at its best, used to convey ancient messages of wisdom that are universal to human experience.”

BARDSONGS is about different worlds and their similarities: the world of Sahir, whose father never judges his destiny… the world of Bouba, a talib at a Koran school who must find the largest part of all knowledge… and the world of Sonam, who must sell his dzo, and therefore makes a journey through the Himalayan mountains with his daughter. All three bring us music and wisdom…

BARDSONGS was released in Dutch cinemas in June 2010 and has been selected for various film festivals all over the world. Shortly the film will be screened at among others: Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival (April 17 – 22), Festroia, International Film Festival Sétubal, Portugal (June 3 – 12) where the film is selected for the Official Competition, and Filmfest München (June 24 – July 2).

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  1. Alain 28 april 2011 at 20:09 - Reply

    Wauw, geweldig! Gefeliciteerd!!

    Maar waarom schrijven ze niet wie die “effective and humorous” verhalen geschreven heeft???

    Ok,I will hereby tell them: Joost Schrickx

    • admin 23 mei 2011 at 11:47 - Reply

      Voel me erg vereerd. Raar he, dat de naam Joost Schrickx waar het deze speelfilm betreft zo tussen wal en schip lijkt te verdwijnen.

  2. Internet Marketing 2 mei 2011 at 12:28 - Reply

    I saw this movie at a “filmhuis” in my city, and i was really surprised to see such a good Dutch production.Congratz!

    • admin 23 mei 2011 at 11:45 - Reply

      Thank you for your compliments!

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